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After graduating from the University of Alabama with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Georgia native Courtney Morgan Crocker knew she was seeking a creative and entrepreneurial outlet in which to channel her unique style. A stint in the retail world of Atlanta brought her a fresh perspective on how some trends evolve but the ones that stand the test of time do so because of their classic and elegant beauty. Three key ideas for Hardware by Courtney Morgan started to take shape: regality, symbolism and timelessness. This line would encompass elements that would suit many different lifestyles. Courtney's personal sartorial influences throughout her life have been bohemianism, androgyny, equestrian styles and the 1920's Art Deco period. All of these things lend themselves to the greater idea of this simplistic, elegant jewlelry line. 

Hardware was born in the summer of 2011, after a decision to take a leap and move to the beautiful and richly storied city of Newl Orleans. Like many places in the south, this one in particular inspires residents to have pride in their home, city and state alike. A loving, close-knit family and group of friends have been an endless source of inspiration. Through steadfast ideals, Hardware continues to evolve and become a wearable symbol of passion and integrity.

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